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There are millions of ways to say


There are millions of ways to GIVE THANKS

With hugs, with cards, with kisses

With words, with looks, with presents

With small actions that seem pretty insignificant

With just a smile or just a hand


But there are moments in life

When THANK YOU is not enough

Thank you is not even half

Not even a quarter not even 1 %

Of what I try to express

Like thank you for

Walking through life with me

Here on earth


Thank you that you love me

Even tough there is a lot I struggle with

Thank you that you give

So much of your energy to me every single day

Thank you for not running away


Thank you for giving me this feeling at night

That no matter how hard it is it’s actually alright

Thank you for putting up with my crankiness when I am hungry

Thank you for feeding me with an emergency smoothie


Thank you seems so small in comparison to this love

Thank you is actually the most helpless expression I can think of

There is so much more underneath

That I try to communicate


Thank you for being my mother, my father, my mate,

My sister, my brother, my enemy

My my biggest problem, my best remedy

My reason to grow into more of me


There times in life when I get angry

And hazy, limp and lazy, upset with myself

And everyone around

And I feel bound

By all this expectation

Of how life is “supposed to be”

Until I fall and crash and have to accept

Than things turn out differently

To what I have planned

Or what I have wished for

Or what I have dreamed about

Thank you for stirring up at the hidden stuff

That needs to come out


Thank you for upsetting me without even knowing why

Thank you for making me think

Thank you for making me cry

Thank you for uncovering everything

That desperately wants to be revealed

Thank you for showing me everything

that desperately wants to be healed

That is screaming for a way to come to the surface

Thank you for being the catalyst


Thank you for pushing me to the limits

that I could have never explored otherwise

Thank you for making me not only smart but wise


Thank you for making me think higher of myself and my purpose

Thank you for making me sweaty and itchy and nervous

Thank you for being my opponent as well as my playmate

My toughest antagonist

My dearest friend

There is a lot I need to figure out

And there so much I don’t understand


Thank you that I can be at least for now

just a human being

Thank you for remind me

that there is no need for pretending


Thank you for showing me

That we all go through this together

That we all have to face ourselves

Sooner or later


Thank you for teaching me a lesson

in the university of the soul

were the only way to pass the exam

is to be grateful

for everything

and all